Let the River live

Picture from the 0-point demonstration in Alta

Sami People are one of the indigenous people of Northern parts Norway, Sweden and Finland. Sami people are one of the indienous peoples in the North West of Russia. The National states havent accepted us as Samis, but have tried to recreate us as Norwegians, Finns, Swedes and Russians. In that way we have lost many of our people, big areas of our land and much of our culture.

From time to time we have been able to fight back. That was the case in the big Alta-conflict in Norway. The Norwegian government decided to build a hydro electric power construction - a big dam - in the area of Alta. The protests against that plan caused the bigests conflict in the Norwegian soceity since the second world-war.

However the Alta case became a kind of cultural rape where Norway used the force of the police (and the army) against the Sami People. Hopefully that happened for the last time in Norwegian history. Here are some pictures from that time.

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