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Creative Creature

I do my designing when I am tired of reading and writing.

The items I make can never be purchased for money. Usually I am very impulsive when one of my things shall get their bearer. I give them quite suddenly to friends or strangers whom I meet. My hope is to create an economy of goodwill, which my friends and my people can benefit from.

In my designing I try to use something traditional from our culture. I imitate something from other cultures - even sometimes use some elements made by others, and I try to invent something myself. I never know for sure when I am applying traditions, when I am imitating Euro-American things and when I am inventing new things.

This THE PINK YOIK. It is a leather tie. It is made of a slice of pink yoiky stone some beads and an earring from Latin America. I hope it to be a meeting from all over the world.
This THE NICE EYE. It is also a leather tie. It is made of a stone from home and some more urban things. If the evil eye is looking this nice eye is meant to look back and bring the nice and positive power inside us all.
This is A GRACE TO THE FEMALE SEX. It is a leather tie, which is made of marrowbone from a moose, reindeer skin, and a bead of glass.
These are EQUALITY IN UNEQUALITY. They are made of marrowbone from moose and marrowbone from reindeers
This is GREAT TIMES IN GREENLAND. It is a bead tie. It is made of glassbeads, marrowbone from moose and a Greenlandic Tupilak
This is Red-Black formal Jacket and Hunters Tie. The jacket is designed like a usual formal jacket, used by Lawyers. I have added one side which is made of red skin, fringes and beads made of glass. I am standing there in the forrest and posing proudly.

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