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A mother and a father handing
the heritage from our ancestors

Yoik of: Size: Time: Yoiked by: The poem: Download:
The reindeer Flock of the Makkiid siida 1.2 meg 1:17 Somban Ailu
Ailon Biret (a woman from the area) 0.9 meg 0:58 Ivvar Kare
Somban Olgin (brother of Somban Ailu) 3.0 meg 3:13 Somban Ailu
Seaffa Biret (a woman from the area) 1.2 meg 1:17 Ivvar Kare
Somban Ailu (himself) 1.6 meg 1:42 Somban Ailu
Biret Anna (Sister of Ivvar Kare) 2.2 meg 2:23 Ivvar Kare
Ommot Ammon (a brother from the mountains) 3.2 meg 3:22 Somban Ailu
Ivvar Risten 1.3 meg 1:24 Ivvar Kare
Ande the kid (a man from the valley) 1,9 meg 2:02 Ande Somby
Bikken Ande ( a reindeerherder) 1,0 meg 1:04 Somban Ailu
Aslat Risten (sister of Somban Ailu) 1,5 meg 1:32 Ivvar Kare
The Big Somby (father of Somban Ailu) 2.1 meg 2:16 Somban Ailu
Guvva Kare (Grandmother of Ivvar Kare) 4.0 meg 4:15 Ivvar Kare
Anne Marja 2.0 meg 4:45 Somban Ailu
Uhcca Guvva Elle (a relative of Ivvar Kare) 0.6 meg 0:43 Ivvar Kare
Uhcca Sappa 1.5 meg 1:32 Somban Ailu
Erkke Maret Elle 2.1 meg 2:12 Ivvar Kare
The reindeer-Police 3.4 meg 3:39 Somban Ailu
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