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The Little Man

I am Ande, and I am a Sami person. My home is within me. I always carry it with me. My homevillage is Sirbma, and my homeland is Samiland. Our people are the indigenous people of the North-West of Europe, and as many other indigenous peoples they were considered as pagans. I also carry that within me.
By formal training I am a doctor of Law. Now I am an Associate professor, and I work at the Faculty of Law at Nothernmost University of the World, which is located in Tromsoe. Before I started my career there, I worked at the Norwegian ministery of Municipal Affairs for one year. Later I served another year as an assistant judge in the primary court of Ofoten district, which was located in Narvik. Finally I was a practising lawyer in Vadsoe for three years.
My research is focused on legal philosophy with a special emphasis on jurisprudence. I finsihed my doctoral thesis 27th of February 1999. The thesis is about Rhetoric of Law or so called Legal Resoning. I have also been lecturing in Legal Philosophy and Sami Law. At the moment I am in a post doc. scholarship. I am doing a researchproject where the emphasis is the significance of the cultural and the situational context within legal resoning.
Until I started with my post doc, I also was the Chairman of the board of Centre for Sami Studies here at Tromsoe University. Beside that I am a member of the Council of the Arctic University, and I am a member of the programcomittee of the Norwegian researchprogram on social and cultural preconditions on information and communication technology (SKIKT). I am also a member of the program-comittee of the Sami cultural festival Riddu Ri­­u.
I am featured in some interviews, but they are unfortenately in Norwegian. Some of them are illustrated with more images. In "Yoiking Wildplant" there is a portrait interview, and in "Law and Yoik" there is a brief discussion about my thesis.
Beside those more serious things, I have some even more serious activities. I yoik. I do some design. And if you want to look at my sculpture - You are Welcome. I also have some photos from a visit to the Sea Sami world. If you want to see what I look like you can have a look in my portraitgallery.
It is a long way from our small village to the university. My track goes from a political emphasis focused on Sami and indigenous peoples rights. Despite that fact I have never been in any heavy involvement with the Sami organisations. In my younger days my heart was closer to activism than to being an organisational bureucrat. I took part in the demonstrations against the Alta dam(1979). Since then I am a spectator and occasionally a commentator of Sami politics.
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