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What happened here since last?

  • 21th of July 2002
    • Moja på Tvoja got a fantastic Review at The Green Man Review - a website that gives Reviews to Roots and Branches of Music and Litterature
  • 11th of January 2002
    • NRK1 - Norwegian Broadcast Coorporation - is going to make a TV portrait of me. It means that I am going home for a short trip. I will leave 31st of January to Tromsø. Me and the TV team are going to visit my homevillage Sirbma, and we will do some filming in Tromsø. I will be headingf back to Fairbanks 9th or 10th of February. The TV team will visit me in Fairbanks in the shift of February and March.
  • 3rd of January 2002
  • 30th of October 2001
    • Anchorage Daily News wrote the editorial "Power of Song" after the Baquet Concert of Alaska Federation of Natives.
  • 24th of August 2001
    • Ande is leaving Tromsö at monday the 27th, And he updated his Contact Information according to the fact that he is going to Alaska.
  • 27th of July 2001
    • Ande gave a Statement at the United nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations in Geneva.
  • 5th of June 2001
  • 1st of June 2001
  • 28th of November 2000
    • Ándes CV is made public
  • 4th of January 2000
    • The gallery of Portraits is finally finnished
  • 3rd of January 2000
    • The english part of the What-Is-New-Page is opened
    • Ándes calender for the spring term 2000 is added into the page

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