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This record was my first production. It was published in 1985. My Parents are yoiking yoiks that were the music of their young days. When I produced this record, I was supervised by Áilu - Nils-Aslak Valkeapää.
Mother is born in 1920. She grew up into the world of samis by the riverside. Her father was a hunter, and her other had some cows and sheeps. Mothers yoiks are portraits of people from the Deanu valley. Some of them are skilled handicrafters. Others are popular among the young men, some are very skilled in the art of dressing up when the young people meet each other on the márkan. Her grandmothers (Guvva Kare) yoik describes a young lady who didnt get any reindeerherder, and that she finally had to take a peasant boy. Another portrait is the portrait of the young Lady who isnt satisfied with any of the young men chasing her, but where she finds herself married to one of them who she earlier has given quite hash caracteristics of.
Father is born in 1913. His name is Aslat Sombi, and he grew up into the world of reindeerherding. He has been working with his reindeers all his life. Most of the yoiks that father is yoiking here are portraits of his fellow reindeerherders. Some of the yoiks are describing persons for their general characteristis and others are describing events that has happened in the mountains. The portrait of his brother describes the brother as very skilled in reindeer racing, but also expresses his sorrowness for that his brother left the mountains and became a peasant. There is a story about a reindeerherder who is working for the reindeer-police, but when he discovers one of his own reindeers, litterally runs from the role of being a mountainpolice.
If you are interested to hear some more samples, then you can hear mother and father yoiking some yoiks. But then we have to clear some formalities first.
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